Gift Box Project Geneva

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                              2018 Collection
                     Truck arrives 21st November

                   Who is behind the Gift Box Project

I am Tyrrian Livesley an avid supporter of the Gift Box Appeal. This appeal started  in the Cub Scouts pack 130 way back in 1996 when we wanted the scouts to do something at Christmas for children not as lucky as themselves. 

The Appeal has now helped over 43,000 children in need to receive a gift box; quite an achievement!
Each one of these boxes has brought happiness, hope and enjoyment to a small child and for others it has also been life changing. 

For those of you new to the appeal this is a non religious purely humanitarian appeal. We send Gift Boxes to needy children in Eastern Europe children who have never had a gift, many living in unbelievable poverty.
We try to give them special treats, sweets and toys, provide toiletries and especially school needs, so helping them attend school with items not provided by the state.

To help you there is a list of requirements needed to complete a Gift  Box on the site (see page  "making  a box"), it may sound a lot but the list is the result of discussions between the social services of each country and the  Mission Chr├ętienne pour les pays de lest (MCE Suisse) who provide the transport and distribute the boxes. Together they agreed these are the items of most use to the children and their families also those that would bring the greatest pleasure. 

This appeal provides you with the opportunity to have this wonderful experience with your child of making a box and explaining how they are making an impoverished child in Eastern Europe very happy. 

The reason behind the Gift boxes Appeal still remains the same as when it started  21 years ago getting young children to help other young children less fortunate regardless of who they are and trying to give them a gift of happiness.

The gift boxes will be collected by truck on the 21st & 22nd November from all participating  schools and companies. For those of you not involved in any of  the schools or companies participating drop off points will be on the web site nearer the time (see page "drop off points"). 

If you would like to get your company or school involved or for further information please contact me on [email protected] .  With your help we can make this year the most successful yet by helping more children than ever with a gift so bringing them joy and happiness.

Thank You & Warm regards  
Tyrrian Livesley

This little boy in Belarus received a gift from one of you!

       Did you make this gift or do you know  who made this gift, if so please contact me as I have a  thank you  message from his family. Tyrrian